Supercharge PostgreSQL Analytics

What is VidarDB?

Analyze results at supercharged speeds!

At an order of magnitude faster query speeds, analysts can run more complex queries to better leverage organizational data assets, or work more productively. We have validated the speed of our patented solution using the TPC-H methodology.

Ingest data 70 times faster!

At up to 70 times the intake speeds, data can be available to the analysts in (essentially) real time. Data can produce valuable information as soon as they are collected. We have validated the speed of our patented solution using the TPC-H methodology.

VidarDB is a PostgreSQL extension.

PostgreSQL is an open-source relational database system emphasizing extensibility and SQL compliance. With billions of downloads, it is supported by a problem solving community. VidarDB can be installed in 10 minutes as a PostgreSQL extension.

Supports all data types.

VidarDB has been developed to support all data types, including user defined types. For example: Numeric, Date and Time, Character and String, Geospatial, Binary, Money, XML, Documents, and Tables, etc…

Makes efficient use of infrastructure.

Others make use of horizontal scaling (more nodes) or vertical scaling (costlier nodes) to improve analytical performance. Our patented solution makes an order of magnitude better use of the existing infrastructure. You can scale later if you have to.

Immediacy of data analysis.

Very fast data ingestion is enabled by VidarDB's FADS data structure. That speed allows more frequent data dumping from any operational databases. Business information is closer to real time. Faster ingestion, and queries, save time and money.

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